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Building Construction Connections

CareerStarter supports job seekers, employers and educators interested in making connections within the construction industry.

What is CareerStarter?

CareerStarter is a free, comprehensive online platform that leads students and job seekers beyond career exploration to direct connections with employers, educators, local training programs and job opportunities. It’s a connection hub designed to get people started on a career pathway in construction that aligns with their interests.

Job Seekers

Jumpstart your career journey with CareerStarter, where you can learn about the construction industry, explore the skilled crafts, create a profile and build your resume. Discover CraftCentral, the industry’s largest database of job and training opportunities, and apply directly to construction jobs. CareerStarter can provide the resources you need to uncover new and exciting career pathways in one of the most in-demand industries.


CareerStarter connects you with a new talent pipeline to help you fill entry-level jobs faster. Simply create a company profile, promote your open positions and search for candidates to help you grow. CareerStarter can also help you build partnerships with local schools and training centers to develop a direct and sustainable hiring pathway to help close your workforce gap.


CareerStarter helps you work with students to prepare them for the workplace. Students can easily explore the construction industry, align their interests with skilled crafts and apply directly to jobs. Videos and other included resources will help connect their passions to fulfilling careers that offer limitless possibilities. Through CareerStarter, you can also share your training opportunities to expand and recruit new students to your construction program.


Carla Thompson Turner Industries
Turner Industries

Carla Thompson

“We finally have something that we’re going to be able to use to find young people after they leave high school.”

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